Scaffolding is the use of an external contextual support that makes a particular learning task possible but that can be gradually removed as the learner moves toward competent independent performance.

Source: " Adapted from: Granott, N., Fischer, K. W., & Parziale, J. (2002). Bridging to the unknown: A transition mechanism in learning and development. In N. Granott, & J. Parziale (Eds.), Microdevelopment: Transition processes in development and learning (pp. 131-156). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. and Guzdial, M. (1994). Software-realized scaffolding to facilitate programming for science learning. Interactive Learning Environments, 4, 1-44. "

Contextual Use: Jason has difficulty keeping track of information and organizing his thoughts. As a type of scaffolding, the teacher offers Jason a graphic organizer to help him manage information. As Jason's executive function skills develop, this tool may not be necessary.

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